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Our Story

A passion project - Normalizing 

  We live in a world where every life form around us inspires us for every action we take. Be it building technology for a better lifestyle, increasing average life-span by controlling diseases, improving healthcare, and understanding society, our world, and beyond. We are generally taught sciences in a niche/subject-specific manner and most of the time its interdisciplinarity is not appreciated. To add to the problem, cross-disciplinarity is often overlooked completely while developing interactive learning platforms. The science careers in 21st-century is all about interdisciplinarity, especially when incorporated with social and economic issues, it aids in holistic development. We have realized this dire need of understanding STEM fields including computer sciences at the intersection of other disciplines. Most of the academics at various stages in their career find their specific subject expertise as the roadblock while looking for an opportunity to transition into a challenging career. Through bioXspace, we are creating the next generation of learners “BioXlearners” by providing them a platform where knowledge meets technology and learning meets action in career planning by understanding the utility of their disciplines and their implications in the world.

-Dr. Bharti Singal
Founder bioXspace

Image by Tyler Lastovich
Image by jesse orrico


bioXspace is on a mission to equip every science enthusiast with interdisciplinary project-based learning and 21st-century skilling with its unique cross-functional approach.


bioXspace envisions addressing real-world problems in healthcare by providing a holistic understanding and knowledge building to enable "X"logists in the interdisciplinary, translational and socio-economic landscape of sciences.

Image by Anastase Maragos
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