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Event: The Future of women in STEM on National Science Day- Feb 28, 2022

The National Service Scheme is a public service program by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India. The National Service Scheme Unit of Daulat Ram College is a social service organization that aims to sensitize students towards the lesser privileged sections of society and work towards their upliftment through collective action.

Keeping in line with NSS DRC’s mission of spreading awareness, the National Science Day was celebrated with a seminar on ‘The Future of Women in STEM’ on 28th February 2022, from 12 PM onwards, in Daulat Ram College. Dr. Bharti Singal, a Delhi University alumna and an accomplished figure in the field of biochemistry was the esteemed speaker for the day. Dr. Singal is a passionate STEM practitioner, mentor, educator, advocator of inclusion and Women in STEM, and recipient of many recognitions. Dr. Singal is a scientist with 8+ years of research experience in infectious diseases and currently working on neurodevelopmental disorders with the aid of structural biology and biochemistry at the University of California Davis, USA. Dr. Singal has founded BioXSpace with an aim to promote a holistic problem-solving approach by encouraging project-based interdisciplinary learning in science. She has invested her time as a mentor at several NGOs including the prestigious New York Academy of Sciences.

The event began with the auspicious lamp lighting by Dr. Bharti Singal. She was accompanied by the Vice Principal of DRC, Dr. Sarita Nanda, the Programme Officer of NSS DRC, Dr. Rita Rani, and the President and Vice President of NSS DRC, Ms. Manya, and Ms. Raina Pathak.

After welcoming addresses by the Vice Principal, Dr. Sarita Nanda, and Dr. Rita Rani, Dr. Bharti Singal took over the stage. She began the session by introducing the idea of resilience and proceeded to share her personal experience, including her aim to be self-dependent, exploring diverse interests, and her educational journey.

Her achievements, and the challenges that she faced and overcame to actualize her dreams proved to be a massive source of inspiration to the audience. She also explained to the attendees about vital skills in the 21st century, including critical thinking, leadership skills, and time management, and how they play a huge role in shaping one’s life.

She stressed this year’s theme for National Science Day, “Integrated Approach in Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future”, and enlightened the audience about the need to adopt sustainability into one’s everyday life. She shared some of her research with the attendees, furthering their interest in the field, and encouraged them to follow their passion and aim for higher careers in STEM. Her motto of changing failures into opportunities struck a chord with the young, ambitious students of Daulat Ram College, who actively engaged in the session and posed several queries, which Dr. Singal answered with patience and enthusiasm. The session then drew to a close with the unit expressing its gratitude to Dr. Bharti Singal for taking out time from her schedule to interact with the students and explaining to them the true meaning of resilience.

Her valuable advice and insights into the field enabled the students to gain more clarity about STEM and the future of women in it.

The seminar was highly informative for the attendees, who were motivated and inspired by Dr. Singal’s journey and her dedication to her work. Her emphasis on sustainability is a sentiment shared by the National Service Scheme unit of Daulat Ram College, which regularly conducts several activities to promote the idea of sustainable living among the students.

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