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Dr. Krishnakumar Chullipalliyalil

Senior researcher at CAPPA, in Munster Technological University, Cork, Ireland

He was awarded Ph.D. in Physics from University College Cork in 2017. The area of study was Fluorescence spectroscopy, with thesis titled “Fluoresence from Rhodamine 101 and Yb³+ doped materials in condensed phase”. He finished his M.Sc. in Physics from National Institute of Technology, India. After his masters, he worked in IIT madras for a project in fiber optics investigating stimulated Brillouin scattering in long distance fibers, especially in the communication window, under Prof. Deepa Venkatesh. He joined CAPPA in 2017 on a project for utilizing deep UV fluorescence spectroscopy for pharmaceutical cleaning validation requirements. His current research interests include Fluorescence, Raman visible and Near IR spectroscopy, optical manipulation (optical trapping and imaging), High power laser applications (ablation and nonlinear measurements), for optical instrumentation. He is currently working on 7 different industrial projects and has developed 3 innovation partnerships with 3 different companies in Ireland during his time as a researcher in CAPPA. His roles include technical supervising and managing these projects. He also guides and advises masters and PhD students as a part of his permanent position ship in CAPPA is currently co-guiding 3 PhD students and independently guiding 4 masters and 3 bachelors students. He is also has associated collaborations with prime institutions in India like National Institute of Technology, Calicut and Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai.
Krishnakumar believes in “research for all” concept and handles projects involving bringing the tech to common man. He is currently working on projects such as handheld instruments that can find the reconstitution of drug formulations that non-experts can operate so that drugs can be kept in storage for long in underdeveloped countries.

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